Van Halen Concert-Special Events Photography

Happy Friday to all!
It has been a whirlwind of activity for myself and my family.
We dropped off the boys at camp and my daughter and I had a special 
girls night where we went to see 
I have been wanting to see these guys since I was a teen. 
Well my dream finally came true when my sweet daughter took me as a Mother's Day gift.
Here are some pics from the concert.
These guys can totally Rock!
(these were all taken from WAAAAYY up high)

                                                                    Alex Van Halen Drum Solo-Awesome!

                                                             Eddie Van Halen's Guitar Solo-Pure Magic!

                                                                 Jump and the Grand Finale!
I was trying to upload the video but since it was shot in HD it would take more than 6 hours to upload to youtube :(
I am going to try and split it up into smaller pieces so y'all can watch.
It was truly and amazing night and like my 20 y.o. daughter says :EPIC:

What concerts have you attended lately?
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