Of Anniversaries, Milestones and Blessings

What a season this has been! Lots and lots of new business!
I am so fortunate to be doing this as a job. I get to meet wonderful new families, hold snuggly babies, and share in on making sweet memories when two people fall in love :)

I have been absent from my blogs for a while now since my photography business has taken off. On December 4th, I officially celebrated my one year anniversary at Patricia Martinez Photography.
How humbled I am to be CHOSEN to capture my clients' memories. 
I do not know many people here in my town, so my clients come mostly through a google search and then they compare my work to other photographers and they choose me. 
Big. Smile.
I have been told by my clients that one of the reasons they picked me is that my work speaks for itself. 
They love my style. They love that I respond to them IMMEDIATELY.
They fall in love with the pictures on my sites.
How blessed am I?

This past month my husband and I celebrated our 25th Wedding Anniversary.
I was on cloud 9.
{my sweetheart and I cutting the cake}
 {a quick snapshot of me before the party. image credit to my sister}

 {photo booth time}

After the Anniversary festivities it was back to work as usual.
And that meant lots of fun!
Here are some of my favorites:

As you can see it has been quite a few months of busy-ness.
This month I promised myself I am going to take it easy.


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