MasterChef Junior Casting Call Photos

I am so excited to share that I have been invited to cover the open casting call, behind the scenes of MasterChef Junior this Saturday.
They are going to be casting in Dallas and I will be there to talk to the hopefuls, and come back and report it to you all here.

I'll be posting some shots from the location. 
If you haven't watched this show, you must check it out.
Young kids compete to be the MasterChef Junior. These kids can cook! 
I think it's an awesome idea to inspire other children, and heck, even adults, to expand their culinary talents.
Cooking is something my husband and daughter have really enjoyed and bonded over. As a result, my now adult, daughter is a fantastic cook! (lucky husband of hers).

So spread the word to your friends and share this post with them so they can come back and check it out this Saturday night.


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